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Ends of the Earth offers plenty of creative opportunities. The following creative materials have been developed to provide direction regarding logo use as well as artwork and/or “working parts” for developing your own campaign. They support the following communication objectives and strategies.

Creative Objective

Given that the perception of the Arctic and Antarctic is icy and cold (and more recently an indicator of climate change), how can we best attract audiences to experience the fascinating and fun content of the exhibition (and learn about the impact of climate change on these fragile frozen expanses)?

Creative Strategies

  • Create interest “early and often” by promoting facts, trivia etc. in your communication and creative strategies.
  • Be consistent with visuals and messages. The images of polar bears and penguins have universal appeal for all ages. The consistent use of these “signature” visuals will help to distinctively brand the exhibition.
  • Localize your promotional materials wherever possible e.g. customize the signpost to include the name of your city and distances to the poles.

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